Your business is like a shark, as it requires constant forward progress to survive. But there will be times when you need a little help to maintain that progress. Financial assistance, such as a loan to finance your startup expenses, a cash advance to handle an emergency, or the right equipment to provide for your company’s needs provides the backbone of your business.

Coast 2 Coast Capital Group is proud to partner with small and medium-sized business owners and provide business solutions that are simple and convenient. For loans and cash advances, we know that many owners are faced with the reality of disappearing sources of working capital, such as home equity loans, bank loans, and credit card loans. We’ve changed the way small businesses get financing by not just focusing on your credit score, but on the cash flow and performance of your business. Doin so, we’re able to work with healthy companies that our competitors have passed by. If you’re in need of supplies, our equipment leasing program can make it happen. As long as an invoice exists, we can lease virtually any machinery, supplies, or equipment to you.

We do things a little differently, and we’re sure you’ll like it. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us by phone or online today.